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mother, father and son deploy to afghanistan. hello. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. i'm going to get you up to speed now. barack obama on the west coast. one of those l.a. fund raiisers was a private event. another was an a list concert with stevie wonder and bill clinton. more details in the live report in a minute from los angeles. four, three, two, one. and liftoff.
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liftoff of the spacex falcon nine rocket. >> that marking a new era. the first commercial flight into space. nasa has assigned spacex to a contract to ship cargo to i.s.s. live report from florida 20 minutes away. the meningitis out break has grown by one-third in just 24 hours. 27 cases since yesterday. nearly half of the new cases in michigan. meningitis has been linked to contaminated steroid injections. the company issued a voluntary recall for all its products. it's half 9:00 at night in venezuela where most of the country's voting places are still open right now. presidential election day and the polls will stay open as long
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as people are waiting in line to vote. hugo chavez is trying to win another term as president. he's been in charge for 13 years there. now to some very disturbing video from the syrian war. some viewers, particularly children may want to look away. this person that you see run nig is a syrian boy. he was hit by sniper fire in aleppo. another amateur video is said to show a government aircraft going down in a damascus suburb. an investigation under way at the university of south alabama. a campus police officer shot and killed him after the freshman showed up naked and acting
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erratically. honda is recalling more than 260,000 crvs because the power window switch should cause a fire. we're talking about models 2002 to 2006. honda dealers will repair or replace the switch for you. barack obama surrounded by rockers and singers and a-list hollywood types. he's in california hoping to leave with a few million more dollars in his campaign fund. he spoke to a concert crowd in los angeles. let's get out there now to dan. we want to talk to him. campaign sources hope to drum up $10 million over the next two days.
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what's the strategy? >> reporter: the strategy is about the battleground states. take a look at where the president has been traveling. he's made many trips to colorado and florida where he will be headed later in the week. he spent a lot of time in virginia and we can't forget about ohio. the president was just there friday. he returns again after leaving from the west coast. that's a strategy. a lot of money and time being spent in these key battleground states. if you watch television in those states just about every few minutes you'll see one of campaign ads from the president or the gop opponent, mitt romney. they believe they can hang on our win these key battleground states, that's the road to victory. >> what did the president say about the debate?
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>> reporter: he talked about health care reform and the auto bailout and he turned his focus to mitt romney. one thing that's been coming up, big bird. >> when he was asked what he would do to cut spending, he said he'd go after public television. for all you moms and kids out there don't worry. somebody is cracking down on big bird. cracking down on him. elmo's made a run for the border. governor romney plans to let wall street run wild again but he's bringing the hammer down on sesame street. >> reporter: the president also poked fun at his own lackluster
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debate performance. he was talking about those performers that you listed at the top of your show. how they perform flawlesses night after night and that's not something he can say about himself. >> big bird is all over the place. the president has more events planned in california but all of these are fund-raisers? >> reporter: the majority does have an unveiling of a national monument. he'll do that tomorrow. the focus of this trip is all about fund raising. $9.45 million to be exact. this is money that this campaign believes they need to be competitive in the key battleground states. >> thank you very much. the president's challenger was hard at work today too. how republican voters turning out in big numbers today for their candidate, mitt romney.
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today he pointed to one of key differences between his and president obama's plan. sg if he's reelected he will install obama care and with it your premiums will go up an extra $2,500 above what they already are. my plan is i will finally get control of the excessive cost of health care by repealing and replacing obama care will real reforms. >> let's get to another presidential election. this one in south america and election day is today. that man has been in power for 13 years now. there's no limit to the number of terms a president can serve there. chavez, himself, made that rule. analyst say if anyone can unseat him, it's the man facing him
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today. it's after 9:00 p.m. polls were scheduled to close hours ago but they're still open. what's going on? >> reporter: a few are still open. if you are in any polling station anywhere in this country today you would know the lineups were huge, and it could be approaching 80%. for that reason, the electoral commission stayed true to word and continued to have the polls open. we are not sure if it will make a difference, though. we are getting word that they reached 80 to 95% of the votes are counted. >> what has energized voters so much, for people to wait in really long lines? >> reporter: traditionally venezuela has high turnouts, but beyond that, this is one of the closest and really contested elections in venezuelan history. and this young guy, 40 years
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old, he always compared to the david and goliath thing, and then you have chavez, and he has thrown everything at the campaign, and even the kitchen sink, and doing what he can to prove that look i brought many of the poor out of poverty, and i will continue to do that if i get another six-year-term. they were happy to be there even if they had to wait, three, four, five hours. >> the results, we won't know, probably until overnight or longer? >> reporter: that's right. this is going on right now and we are awaiting a new announcement from the electoral commission, but most people say it will be a close election, so we will just have to wait to see how close it is, and if we can get results sooner, or if it's going to be a long night. >> yeah, interesting to see who wins and what happens if chavez doesn't. that's an interesting question. right here in the u.s., the
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first advisory presidential candidate debate. their job, as one strategist put it, do no harm. more on that ahead. things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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well, it has been four days since the first presidential debate. four days of analysis, analysts breaking it down, practically word for word. and after all that talk
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consensus remains, let's be honest, it's a night president obama probably wishes he could have had back. and many fellow democrats felt romney bent the truth in the debate but was never called out and i asked if it was the moderator that bungled that or the president. >> i think the moderator has that job. >> it's upo the president to defend himself? >> absolutely. i am not trying to say the president should not take responsibility for his awful performance, he should have. but i think the criticism to the moderator is also justified. >> go ahead, hanna. >> what the liberals are doing is post debate spinning.
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it's whining. there's no whining in politics. one person should have challenged what romney was saying and his name is barack obama, and he did not do it. i agree with lz. it was a bit of both. it was a lot of both. president obama was way off, and mitt romney was very much on his game. you know, i don't remember many debates where it's hard to think of a memorable gaffe or a memorable knockout blow, and yet there was a very visible mark that was an undebatable victor of the debate, and it was mitt romney. he did it because for 90 sustained minutes, it was like he was debating a limp piece of spaghetti. >> yeah, it was like the chair. this is honest talk. let's talk about the job numbers. it could have come at a better
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time, and how big of a help is this below 8% jobless rate, do you think? i want to see what the republicans think about that? mitt romney can't say the unemployment rate is above 8%? >> absolutely it was a help, and on friday, just after the debate, and let me tell you, don, i am a republican, but when it comes to unemployment numbers i am an american first, i am not on the red or blue team, and i want our economy to strengthen and i want us to recover as a country and the smartest thing any political person can do is celebrate america doing better. >> i think you are absolutely right. so why are many republicans saying these numbers were cooked when it shows you there is no interaction between the white house and the officer that
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decides the numbers? >> because they're 30 days from an election, and everything is political. what they eat is political. what they wear is political. what they say is political. >> i don't think that's true. >> but at the end of the day, we're all in this together. >> i don't think that's true. >> i think they are whining -- >> we have had 27 or 28 consecutive months now are job growth. this is not a runoff. the republicans have not been really happy about job growth for, like, two years. what we saw this past week was just a microcosm mow of what we have been seeing for the past two years. >> you guys are going to be cut off because the satellites are going down in a minute. let's show the debates between o'reilly and jon stewart. we were all saying this is great. why aren't the real debates like this. maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we had chosen, and maybe there
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should be more diversity or younger people, and there has been a criticism about diverse moderators. this was great. what do you think? >> don, i am all with you except about the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i am not sure they fall into a diverse category. but they were entertaining, because they are entertainers. >> real quick, lz? >> a lot of the conversation was honest, which a lot of the politicians can't afford to be, sadly. television host jon stewart and bill o'reilly, faced off podium to podium, and mostly for the entertainment value, but not all for laughs.
10:19 pm
both guys spoke with substance, and a lot of people say their debate was more watchable than the real thing? >> what do you think is the fundamental problem with the political discourse? >> the problem is capitalism. that's the -- >> say it again. >> the problem with the discourse situation in america is capitalism, and listen and follow closely. you can make a lot of money by being an assassin. you go in and you are a hater, radio, cable, in print or whatever, and you get paid. and there are people that do that, and they go in, and they don't even believe half the stuff they say and they rip it up and they get paid a lot of money, and that is coursened everything. they are phonies. and capitalism drives that. there are people, americans who want to hear hate.
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>> good debate, and engaging. joe biden versus paul ryan is next. the first and only vice presidential debate just days away. we preview the match-up and look at standout moments from previous vice presidential debates. >> who can forget that wink? sarah palin winking with the nominee, joe biden. not just once, but some half a dozen times. and there is lloyd benson's dig in 1988. >> i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> memorable moments, but hardly game changers. while presidential debates can affect the outcome of an election, vice presidential debates like this upcoming match-up between biden and his gop challenger, paul ryan, are a different animal.
10:21 pm
>> can you see they have hit the standard of readiness, they will be ready to be able to step into the oval office and take the reigns of the presidency. but beyond that in terms of the actual debate itself, unless there's a star-killing or star-catching moment, it rarely changes the course of the debate. >> brazil says the first rule here is to do no harm. >> in terms of substance, don't break any new ground. this is not an addition for 2016, but it's about 2012 and the top of the ticket. >> biden said that contests are never easy. >> what i have been doing mostly is quite frankly studying up on congressman ryan's positions on the issues, and governor romney has embraced, at least everything that i can see.
10:22 pm
i don't want to say anything in the debate is that not completely accurate. >> what are the biggest strengths? for ryan, it's ability to speak in detail, and for biden his ease in talking about how national policies affect ordinary people. >> he is fast on the cuff. he's a witty guy. he has been doing this for 40 years. so you are not going to rattle joe biden. joe is very good on the attack. joe is very good at trying to nfuse the issues. >> when it comes to advice for the candidates? >> try to be comfortable and be rested and look into the camera and smile from time to time. >> and a little humor always helps. >> i can see my wife and i think she is saying, gee, i wish you could go out into the private seor. >> well, i'm going to try and help you do that. >> biden and ryan get their turn to tackle the issues before the
10:23 pm
country on thursday night. our coverage of the vice presidential debate begins on 7:00 eastern here on cnn. commercial space flight is in the big leagues now. a successful launch. what this means to the future of space flight and the future of nasa. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ]
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right now the first commercial flight is headed to the international space station, the spacex rocket, blasted off just under two hours ago. >> 3, 2, 1, and liftoff. >> mission control called it a picture perfect launch. john zarrella has reaction to tonight's historic blastoff? >> officials are ecstatic and have good reason to be. their spacecraft is in orbit.
10:27 pm
the dragon on top of the falcon 9 rocket lifted off from cape canaveral without a hitch. >> liftoff of the rocket. >> a lot of folks are saying what's the big deal? they have already done this. that's true. back in may, they rendezvoused in space, but this was the first of real deal missions. that was a demonstration mission. this is carrying 1,000 pounds of cargo to the international space station, and the first of 12 flights contracted with nasa at a cost of $1.6 billion. we will have to wait a couple
10:28 pm
days of the rendezvous to make place. it will rendezvous with the international space station, and shortly thereafter it will be birthed to the station. right now, though, everything going perfectly and the dragon capsule on its way on this historic mission to the international space station. don? >> thank you. the president's bad debate night. his defenders doing what he did not do on the debate stage. but are they making it look worse for him with the excuses? it's tonight's talking point. ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ how do you help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪
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it's time now for no talking points. tonight, the president and the debate. you knew "snl" would eat it up. >> excuse me, governor, mr. president -- >> sorry, yeah, yeah, what's up? >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed bin laden. would you care to respond?
10:32 pm
>> no, you two go ahead. >> it almost led chris matthews to have a meltdown. >> where was obama tonight? he went in there disarmed. he was like an hour and a half i think i can get through this thing and won't have to look at this guy. >> at least he was honest. he did not fall back on the excuses that have now become talking points for liberals. >> it was a masterful theatrical performance. it was fundamentally dishonest for the american people. >> and it's something that his own campaign has admitted was not true and he can say it in front of 70 million people, and that's amazing. >> what they are saying is you lie. and the not feeling well talking point. al gore said when you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust, i don't
10:33 pm
know, maybe. oh, and the bigger things on his mind defense/talking point. >> the president was flat. i don't know what else was on his mind, it could have been his anniversary what was going on in syria and turkey -- >> it looked like to me he really did not want to be there. his mind wasn't on it and he didn't want to engage. >> everything you heard there is a talking point, with maybe the exception of chris matthews and james carvel, and he said everybody has an off night and the president had one on wednesday, and maybe, and i say maybe because all along the criticism from the right is that candidate obama and president obama is out of his league, not a real president, they've said that, john sununu on msnbc. >> what people saw last night is a president that revealed his
10:34 pm
incompetance, and he has no idea how serious the economic problems are and how he failed to even begin to address him. >> it's obvious that he is a real president and has been on the job for almost four years and i don't think a person that keeps a schedule like he does is lazy, and detached, i am not so sure about that, and if i may, mr. president, some advice, and i would say the same thing to mr. romney had he performed during the debate, and with all due respect, if you want to show the right, left and in between that you are not, quote, out of your league, stop looking at your notes, and stop writing while somebody else is talking and do what my mom and many moms across the country teach us, look people, no matter who they are, dead in the eye, even when you are tired, down or even intimidated, and stand up for
10:35 pm
yourself, because nobody else will. jon stewart using a obama support ad is much harsher. >> i believe it goes something like this. >> wake the [ bleep ] up! >> and that's tonight's no talking points.
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bottom of the hour. let's look at your headlines right now. president obama on the west coast tonight attending a few events in los angeles one event is a private one. no news cameras allowed. another is an a-list concert. stevie wonder, and katy perry, and bon jovi there. that scary meningitis out brake continues to grow. the cdc confirms nine cases, and 27 new case just since yesterday, and nearly half in michigan. the meningitis is linked to steroid injections.
10:39 pm
the company issued a voluntary recall for all its products. late night in venezuela, where most of the voting places are still open hours beyond the scheduled closing time. people are still lining up waiting to vote. president chavez is trying to win another term. he's been in office for 13 years. polling places will stay open until the last person wants to vote, votes. stewart in the middle of the pack. >> did you see that? 25 cars in a huge crash on the final lap. thankfully all the drivers walked away without injuries. tony stewart is taking the blame for tonight's massive crash, and matt kenseth wins the race after most of the contenders were eliminated in the crash.
10:40 pm
drew brees, and this is a touchdown streak. he threw a touchdown in his 48th consecutive touchdown tonight. go drew brees. our correspondents will tell you everything you need to know starting with the president's plans for the week. >> president obama trying to bounce back from his debate performance hits the campaign trail this week making stops in california and the key battleground state of ohio. he is also expected to visit other swing states in the week and continue to prepare for the next presidential debate. foreign policy will be in the spotlight tomorrow when mitt romney gives a speech at the virginia military institute. but the highlight of the week will be the vice presidential debate, joe biden and paul ryan face-off thursday in their only showdown in danville, kentucky.
10:41 pm
while wall street gears up for earning season this week, a lot of big companies reporting, including alcoa, and jpmorgan chase, and will we see the third earnings declined in the third quarter. also ahead this week, the latest inflation data and a look at consumer sentiment. we will track that in the business news on cnn money. and here is what we are watching this week. we are speaking with simmons. the daughter of kiss front man gene simmons. and also a few other big stars to stop by and talk hot topics with me on "showbiz tonight." we told you about hugo
10:42 pm
chavez in a tight race in venezuela, and the polls are still open now in some places until the last person votes. but here is what cnn is learning, that hugo chavez has been projected the winner again, 52% to almost 45%. so he has been -- he's been president there for 13 years and will go on to be president again. hugo chavez has been declared -- projected the winner in the venezuelan election. the anchor who dressed down a viewer who e-mailed her about her weight. well, she says he bullied her, but was actually the opposite? to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years.
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a tv anchor went off after she got an e-mail from a guy telling her to lose weight. >> i am a grown woman and luckily for me i have a thick skin, literally as that e-mail pointed out and otherwise. and that man's words mean nothing to me -- >> well, her video has people talking. she says she was bullied, and i asked if public figures have a responsibility to look a certain way. first from wendy. >> i think you have a responsibility to be moral, to
10:46 pm
be ethical and to be honest. i think as far as your appearance is concerned i take exception for a viewer that called it a choice for obesity. nobody chooses to be obese. this is a very complicated cocktail of biology, environment and psychology, and it's not a behavioral choice. >> let me play devil's advocate here, and you say nobody chooses to be overweight. >> or anorexic. >> many people say it's the lifestyle choices and the food choices that you make. you are very much in the public spotlight and what are your thoughts on this? >> i definitely think that you absolutely -- i agree with you, doctor, you cannot choose to be obese. you don't choose to be anorexic. it just seems to be people think you probably sit at home and eat tons of food or sit at home and don't eat anything at all and that's a choice, but it's beyond that. >> not just in the news media, and let's take chris christie as
10:47 pm
an example, a figure who has been publicly criticized about his figure and weight, and he is very overweight and he knows it and admits it and he addressed this issue time and again, and even discussing it with piers morgan. >> i struggle with my weight. i have been struggling a long time with it and i know it would be better for my kids if i got it more under control, so i feel a sense of guilt at times about that. >> okay. isn't he saying the same thing as this guy is saying, that she's not a role model for young girls, and he is saying i'm not a role model for my kids. >> it's not a role model, it's about being a parent and staying around for a long time and about health. something i want to say, i don't think there's a population that is more discriminated against that people who are overweight,
10:48 pm
and kudos for this general manager to keeping her on the air because they could have came up with another reason to let her go. >> and they do. >> they do. and there are plenty of people who have the same psychological issues who may be home, don, and you don't see them addicted to internet porn and shooting up heroin and doing all kinds of things to massage the anxiety or depression but they don't have to walk it every single day on television or at the workplace. >> who is the real bully here? the man writing the e-mail or livingston for the four-minute on air response or neither of them? >> i don't think neither, i think on one end, mr. krauss is voicing his opinion and he may have issues of his own. >> i think calling it bullying is insane, because we loosely use the term now because it's hip in the pop culture, but
10:49 pm
these were two human beings communicating with each other, and he could blog, and she had her television microphone and camera. and these were two adults communicating their opinions. sometimes when you feel something negative about somebody else, it's something you feel about yourself. i am wondering what this guy doesn't like about himself as a role model in concerns. this isn't bullying. >> the guy that wrote the e-mail has since apologized. we will tell you about this, hugo chavez has been projected the winner as the president in venezuela. we will go live next. 2013 chevrolet malibu.eted sleek new styling... sophisticated dl cockpit design, and sport sculpted seats. available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu. ♪
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this is just in to cnn. you see hugo chavez voting this morning. well, hugo chavez first selected president in 1999 and wi serve another term. it's election day in venezuela, and the news just announced by the election's council. when and how did the news come down? we just spoke moments ago, and now we didn't know and now we do. >> reporter: we learned about 15 minutes ago, don, on social media we could see that chavez won, and we had sources inside the electoral commission, and
10:53 pm
it's 51% to 45% for the opposition. it was not as close as people thought it might be. and we could not report it because of the media restrictions right now. it's like the fourth of ly out here, and the fireworks are still going. and by any measure this is a crushing defeat for the opposition. they made a house to house battle for this vote, and there were many things to complain about. hugo chavez threw everything including the kitchen sink at this election, he gave out many things, cell phones, and he has been on the nationalized campaign, and nationalized almost 1,000 businesses. many say they will see more of this and in the long run, this will end up hurting the venezuela economy more than it will help it, don.
10:54 pm
>> yeah, i was going to ask about that. and people are watching saying, you are broadcasting here. so the rules apply for that. but what i think is interesting is an 80% participation rate, that is almost unheard of. >> well, yeah, we'd like those kinds of numbers, right, don. >> yeah, it certainly speaks to the legitimacy of the process. the carter center came here, and they said this is going to be a free fair transparent election. one of the automated elections. we are going to move on, and now the focus will hit squarely on hugo chavez's health. he said he is cured of cancer. we saw him last night and he did not look well.
10:55 pm
there's no way to confirm it at all, and the kind of cancer he had, and he never disclosed what it was, you have to think, you know, will he get sick again? or has he made this miraculous recovery? and that really is going to be the next risk here in venezuela. there is nobody waiting in the sidelines and that can destabilize the country. >> we have to run, and by the way, the celebrations are going on and you can hear fireworks behind paula. thank you, and we'll be right back. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ]
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can you imagine free falling from space. one man trying to break the sound barrier by jumping from a balloon thousands of miles from the earth. >> reporter: after five years of planning and a one-day delay for weather, and one jump from mission control right behind me, and the command center where this will be launched. the photo journalist will show you the field where it will be launched. a giant balloon will take him to the edge of space from this field. it's going to take them three hours to get up to the edge of space, 122,000 feet above the surface of the earth. he will step out of the capsule,
10:59 pm
and wants the longest ever free fall and will go about 117,000 feet and open his parachute 5,000 feet, and while he is doing that he hopes to break a speed record for somebody traveling outside a spacecraft. nobody has gone the speed of sound, broken the speed of sound, 690-plus miles an hour outside of a space vehicle. he will be wearing nothing but a high pressure suit, a helmet and a parachute, and that's another record he will attempt to set. he is a daredevil for austria, and he jumped from the christ of redeemer statue in rio. this is it his latest and greatest. he said he will go back to being a helicopteril

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Hugo Chavez 9, Venezuela 8, Obama 7, Romney 6, Don 6, Jon Stewart 5, America 4, Joe Biden 4, Biden 4, California 3, Nasa 3, Paul Ryan 3, Los Angeles 3, Malibu 3, Honda 2, Dell 2, Cnn 2, Michigan 2, Us 2, Virginia 2
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